Evelyn Morales

Obituary of Evelyn Y. Morales


Evelyn Y. Morales, 30,  of Amsterdam passed away unexpectedly on October 25, 2022.         

Evelyn Y. Morales,  was born on December 2, 1991.  She was a loving Daughter  a mother of eight Migdalia Cruz.  She was a sister to Seven siblings.Four sisters, Keyshla Rosario, Yushula Rosario, Lynoska M Morales, Angelica N Morales, Three Brothers, Jonathan Rosario Cruz, Angel L Morales,  Esteban M Morales. Evelyn would always care and gave her best to anyone she knew,  to cousin and friends, especially Wilyvone Mary Acevedo,  also her aunt Maria Caliz and her cousins etc.

She would always care for our Mother and always made sure "Mom" was okay and now she's at rest and in paradise with our loving brother Jonathan.  May you both rest in paradise. We will miss you both so dearly. Forever in our hearts. Fly high Sis!!