Cremation services in Fultonville, New York

Planning a cremation service in New York is easier than you think. You may have questions about what a cremation service is, what it includes, or how much you should expect to pay. If you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, you are not alone. While cremation is the most popular funeral option in the country, it hasn’t always been this way, and many families don’t know a lot about the cremation process or what to look for in a local funeral provider.

At BRBS Family Funeral Homes, we walk you through every step of the process, so you never feel alone. We work with you to find a cremation package that perfectly fits your needs and your budget. We can even design services that are unique to the preferences and needs of your family. As you begin exploring cremation services in Fultonville and the options available to you, explore our frequently asked questions below to learn more about how to plan a cremation in New York. If you have any questions or are ready to begin planning, call us at (518) 853-4224.

What are cremation or cremation services?

When talking about cremation, the cremation itself refers to the final disposition option of reducing a body to ash. Traditional flame-based cremation is the combustion and oxidation of a body where the end product of a flame-based cremation is fine ash. 

When looking for cremation services in Fultonville, there are usually various options for you to choose from. The most basic package is a direct cremation service, which only includes the cremation itself and no extras. Other packages may include an urn for you to store your loved one’s remains, a memorial service, permanent memorialization options at your local New York cemetery, or other additional products or services.

How much does cremation cost?

The cost of cremation in New York varies significantly depending on the provider you choose and the services included. Cremation services can cost anywhere from $1,000 - $15,000. If you choose cremation, you are still able to choose permanent memorialization options in Gloversville, like burying your loved one’s ashes, interning them, or spreading their ashes in a cremation garden. You also have the option to spread their ashes in a meaningful place or purchase cremation jewelry to always keep them close. Ultimately, the price of the cremation and cremation services will depend on the services you choose and the quality of the service provider.

Can you have a cremation without a service?

Cremation refers just to the method of final disposition. When choosing cremation services, all of the options available to you during a traditional burial are also available to you. If you choose to have a memorial or life celebration service before or after the cremation takes place, you are welcome to. If you would prefer not to have a service included in your cremation package, that is okay too. At BRBS Family Funeral Homes, we work with you to choose the services and products that make the most sense for your family, and will never pressure you to host a service or pay for a package that doesn’t meet your needs. We’ve compiled a list below of pros and cons to help you make your decision. Please take into account that every family is unique and you may have additional factors that do not fit neatly below.

Pros of having a service: 

  • Provides an opportunity for your family and friends to honor your loved one
  • Aids in the healing process while grieving 
  • Gives you and your family a chance to connect and comfort one another

Cons of having a service: 

  • Friends and family from out of town may not be able to make the service 
  • You may feel rushed when making arrangements if you haven’t already begun considering options 
  • There is an additional cost associated with hosting a memorial service